Creating Stunning Spaces with Personalised Designs.

Welcome to Sage Interior Design & Decor, your trusted partner in creating captivating spaces that reflect your unique personality and style. As the founder of this esteemed Brisbane-based company, we are here to understand your needs and bring your interior design visions to life. With a wealth of experience spanning over ten years, we have established ourselves as a leading local interior design studio, serving clients in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Why Interior Design? It’s simple—I have a passion for transforming spaces into havens of beauty and functionality. I believe that the environment we inhabit plays a significant role in shaping our well-being, productivity, and happiness. That’s why I am committed to helping clients create spaces that truly enhance their lives.


It all starts with a Consultation in which we listen to you, the client. We take into consideration your individual functional/aesthetic requirements. The outcome/style you would like to achieve is carefully considered. Our studio is committed to meeting your expectations. We guide you with our skillset, providing a creative and thoughtful solution tailored just for you. Your journey with us will make your project experience easier, more fun, with the end result being everything you dream it could be.

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For example you may be looking for a one room Design and layout, a one off Consultation for advice, New Build Colour and selections, window furnishings, furniture and Décor selections, Kitchen or Bathroom Design/ renovation. Your Design requirements are individual and unique, so are our services. You will find more information in detail on our SERVICES page. If you need to ask some questions please CONTACT US for a chat we would love to hear from you.


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