All Pricing for Design Concepts and larger Project work are determined on an Individual basis after a Consultation.

Minimum project budget – $15,000
(excluding design fees)

Also Available

  • Interior Design Concepts & Development
  • Furniture/decor/soft furnishings procurement
  • Bathroom Design
  • Kitchen Design
  • Laundry Design
  • Space Planning/layout/floor plan
  • Room Design-Bedroom-Livingroom-Dining-media-home office
  • Interior Styling/Decoration
  • Outdoor Area Design
  • Interior Decoration
  • Homewares Shopping
  • Renovations
  • 3D Rendering / Floor Plan Designs


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An interior design consultation with Sage Interior Design is a tailored and comprehensive process focused on understanding the client's needs and objectives for their space. Through in-depth discussions, the designer actively listens to the client's requirements, whether it's for a colour consultation, a brief for a renovation, selections for a new build, or seeking general design advice. Practical considerations such as budget, timeline, and existing architectural constraints are carefully addressed during this initial meeting. The consultation may involve a walkthrough of the space, allowing the designer to assess its layout, lighting conditions, and architectural features. This hands-on evaluation provides essential context for crafting personalized design solutions. Throughout the consultation, the designer encourages open communication, ensuring that the client's preferences and concerns are heard and addressed. By the end of the session, both parties have a clear understanding of the project scope and direction, setting the stage for a collaborative and successful design partnership with Sage Interior Design.


An Interior Designer and builder consultation serves as a pivotal step in the success of any renovation project. By bringing together the expertise of both professionals, the consultation ensures a comprehensive understanding of the project's scope and requirements. The Interior Designer offers insights into aesthetic considerations, functional requirements, and space optimization, while the builder provides technical expertise regarding structural limitations, feasibility of designs, and construction logistics. This collaboration bridges the gap between creative vision and practical implementation, ensuring that the final result not only meets the client's expectations but also adheres to technical and regulatory standards. Moreover, the consultation enables the development of a realistic budget tailored to the proposed design, considering material costs, labor expenses, and potential unforeseen expenses. By aligning design aspirations with construction capabilities and financial constraints, this collaborative effort sets the stage for a smoother project execution and minimizes the risk of costly errors or delays. Ultimately, the Interior Designer and builder consultation lays the foundation for a cohesive team dynamic, fostering effective communication and synergy among all stakeholders, and ultimately leading to the realization of a successful and harmonious renovation project.


Full-service interior design encompasses a comprehensive approach to transforming spaces, combining creativity, functionality, and meticulous attention to detail. From concept to completion, full-service designers guide clients through every stage of the design process, beginning with initial consultations to understand the client's vision, needs, and preferences. This phase involves thorough assessments of the space's architecture, layout, and existing elements, laying the groundwork for tailored design solutions. With expertise in space planning, color theory, materials selection, and furniture arrangement, designers craft cohesive and aesthetically pleasing interiors that reflect the client's personality and lifestyle. They source furnishings, textiles, lighting, and décor from trusted vendors, ensuring quality and style consistency. Additionally, full-service designers manage all aspects of project implementation, coordinating with contractors, artisans, and tradespeople to execute the design plan efficiently and to the highest standards. Their involvement extends to overseeing installations, resolving any issues that may arise, and delivering a finished space that exceeds expectations. By providing end-to-end support and expertise, full-service interior design offers clients a seamless and rewarding experience, resulting in spaces that are not only beautiful but also functional and tailored to their unique needs.


All Pricing and Fees for Design/Design development and larger project work is determined on an individual basis after the Initial Consultation or Designer Builder Consultation .


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