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Beautify Your Bedroom with These 5 Exquisite Design Tips

The bedroom is one of the most challenging places in the house to give a makeover because it’s about comfort, functionality, and aesthetics. Don’t worry; we’ve got a few decorating ideas and tips you can do on your own (or ask for help from interior design services) to help you get the most out of your bedroom.

Colour with Care

Bedrooms are meant to be soothing, comfortable, restful spaces. You can achieve this with an ideal colour scheme that is inviting delicate and calming. Try a light palette of blue, green, lavender or white with a few bold pops of colour. Experiment with different ways to add texture & colour, such as throw pillows, a duvet cover, comforter, bedspread, or even an exciting paint colour or wallpaper on an accent wall or ceiling.

Focus on Visual Weight 

Any room can get cluttered quickly, and to find a clear space, it is essential to think about the layout. A cluttered space is an unbalanced space; if you see clutter or too much furniture in the room, you should be able to immediately identify the “focal point” of the room that makes the rest of the space come together. 

For example, in a small bedroom, try to minimise clutter by using a minimalist headboard with few decorations. Avoid bulky nightstands that will add to visual clutter. Consider also being smart about storage space. In a larger bedroom with high ceilings, avoid sparse furnishings. Instead of a minimalist bed with only a headboard, pair a large headboard with other focal points such as a large piece of wall art or an oversized mirror. In both space types consider appropriate scale items to the room size. 

Layer Lighting 

Instead of relying on just your ceiling light or a table lamp, it’s an excellent practice to layer the lighting in your bedroom. This means including several light sources that you can toggle on and off for maximum functionality and cohesion. Good interior design services will advise you to include a few simple light sources dependant on your room and functional requirements. (like built-in natural light, overhead lights, floor lamps, bedside lamps, table lamps, reading lights, dimmers, etc.). 

Maximise Movement 

One of the simplest methods to beautify a bedroom is to ensure you have plenty of space to move around. Your bedroom floor should be large enough to walk around without bumping into furniture or tripping over objects like end tables and bookcases. Therefore, ensure your team or interior design services prioritises layout, movement, traffic flow and aesthetics.

You may want to think about removing any decoration objects from your floor (especially in a small room with a smaller bed) not to have to squeeze past things to get to your bed. You might also look for hidden storage space for items you frequently use, like drawers underneath your bed. 

Spread the Soft Touches 

Bedrooms have one large soft item, such as the bed, often the room’s focal point. To avoid making the rest of the room look too hard compared to the bed, including other soft decor items elsewhere will make the bedroom feel softer overall. Window sheer drapes, area rugs, occasional chairs or plush throw blankets are great ways to spread the soft look. 


In the end, remember these tips to create a bedroom look that you like. It is your resting place at the end of the day, so it must appeal to your personal taste. You’ll create your unique space with an aesthetic you won’t tire of.

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