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Colour Coordination: A Guide on Colour Schemes – Part 1

With so much time on our hands, many homeowners renovated and made their home improvements themselves. If you are tempted to become a weekend warrior, you do not have to break the bank to renovate your current space. All you need to do is to study this piece carefully. 

This article offers the expert advice of those in the colour consultations industry. It will guide you to find the perfect shade for a particular room and induce the right mood. By the time you are done with this article, you will be ready to paint your house.

Preparation Work

Those who offer colour consultation services recommend planning the date you will do this work. When repainting a room, it is essential to begin the project with a solid plan. You should make sure that you know the room’s layout, the flooring colour, its lighting conditions and the furniture that is currently in the room. 

Knowing this will allow you to find a suitable colour for your space. It will also help you choose the appropriate instruments for the job. Most importantly, it is essential to use high-quality paint when repainting a room. Always test your chosen colour on an A4 piece of paper or cardboard swatch and place on the walls to be painted, look at the colour in different light and times of the day, morning, afternoon and night lighting.

In South East Queensland, you can be confident in painting year round. Before you start painting your home, make sure to get your home ready. 


Lexicon,(half or quarter) is a fabulous choice for the main living areas and any part of the home, it can be used with various colours. It goes well with wood, warm or cooler flooring. It will also complement an array of accessories and furniture. 

If you love cool hues, this colour can work wonders for you. It is an underlying blue hue and looks elegant, light and fresh. It is a colour that will work well in different lighting, styles and spaces.


Whisper white is a beautiful soft, lush warm, ivory white and if you are looking for a colour to pair well in a heritage home, or classic traditional home, whisper white is the ideal choice. 

Whisper white has a pink/grey undertone and is a winner in any space that needs a warm welcoming ambience. If choosing to have a feature wall look at and explore colours that will pair well with the undertones of whisper white, you can also look at half or quarter strengths. Always test the colours in your space in different lighting conditions.


Antique white USA is an excellent choice for those who love a fresh crisp white without being too cold. It is a fantastic all rounder and will work well in any room of your house, and different lighting conditions in most spaces. If you want to achieve a timeless look, this is a colour that you must choose. 

It is a colour that will also suit a diverse range of styles including modern and contemporary. It is an excellent choice for the living room, the dining room, or the bedroom. 


It is vital to consider the colours that can make your home a more beautiful place. If you are interested in enhancing the visual appeal of your home, a new paint job can transform your space. A colour Consultation with  may just help you with your decision.

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