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Adding Value: How You Can Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

In a 2021 article, Business Insider listed eight home renovations that can improve the value of your property. Four out of the eight methods focused on the kitchen in that piece. In other words, kitchen renovations can pay off big time. 

If you ask an experienced interior designer, she will probably say that kitchen renovations are usually expensive and complicated. She might add that you will pay a steep price for the failed endeavour if you do not plan for the said project.

If you have a small kitchen, the room might feel cramped and appear designed. The good thing is that you can brighten up a seemingly small area with the proper lighting and paint colours and make it seem more spacious. A small kitchen can feel roomy as long as you make good use of the space.

You can create the perception of a more spacious kitchen by using island lighting and light flooring. Before you start planning for this project, you should finish reading this article.


A small kitchen can also feel larger with a suitable colour scheme and layout. Make sure that you use light and bright colours to open up the space.

It does not necessarily mean that you will stick to bland palates. It would be best if you reach out to an interior designer. Doing so will help you find the perfect colour scheme for your kitchen.

Slimmer Cabinets

Suppose your kitchen is small, with full-size cabinets that seem to crowd the area. An experienced interior designer would suggest considering a layout that utilises vertical storage. Or better yet, you should use cabinets that have reduced depth.  

Unfortunately, you cannot store bulky items in this type of cabinet. But you can solve this issue with creative storage solutions, such as a hanging pan rack.


The tiny house revolution has become incredibly popular in recent years. BBC has even pointed out that living in one is a sound move.

You do not have to move into a tiny house, but you can ask an interior designer to use minimalist ideas in your kitchen. Doing so will help make the room more spacious. 

You do not have to live in a tiny house to have a small kitchen. It is possible to reduce the clutter in your kitchen without moving to another place. This kitchen design is not even tiny, but it is an example of how a minimalist approach can help create an illusion of space.

Ask your interior designer to hide any appliances you do not use frequently. You can also pair the appliances you do use together. You can hide them behind one cabinet.


Experienced interior designers often use mirrors to create the illusion of space. They are well-known to give an illusion of extra space, so they are commonly used in bedrooms and bathrooms. With this said, you might want to utilise it in your kitchen.

Your interior designer might use a super-size mirror to cover one wall. She might do this if the mirror reflects the back of a table or kitchen island. Doing so will make the room look bigger.


There are numerous ways to make your small kitchen look bigger. Any of the abovementioned methods will add value to your property. If you plan to sell your home, it can help get your house off the market quickly. 

To ensure the success of your kitchen renovation, you should look for an experienced interior designer in Brisbane. At Sage Interior Design & Decor, we can transform your kitchen to become the envy of your neighbourhood. Book an online appointment now so that we can talk about how to improve your kitchen!

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