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Planning Your Renovation?

Some Important Points to Think About!

So, you have decided to Renovate, that’s amazing! The decision to create a beautiful new space is exciting, you may, or may not have a lot of ideas about how you would like it to look and feel, floor plan changes, new window furnishings, new flooring, interior decoration, colour selection…. and the list goes on. This all might start to feel overwhelming at some point, once you begin to arrange, organise, and attempt to put together your planned vision, some doubts may begin to arise and you start to question if you can do this, you are not alone, and it is what most clients are feeling when they contact me to engage my interior design services.  Generally, it is thoughts like, I know what I like but I just don’t know how to make that happen and put it together in a cohesive balanced way, or, I’m lost with this project out of my depth and I don’t want to make mistakes and choose incorrectly wasting time and money. These next points will help you out with all this and more.

Where Do I Start?

Always begin with a vision board, don’t run out and start looking at furniture and rugs yet, planning is everything! Collect any images, colours, textures that you are drawn to for your space and put them together, think about budget the functional needs and what you would like to include in the space, how do you wish to live in the space. The answers to these questions will greatly drive your thoughts for the new floorplan, layout, and other design choices you will make going forward. Always start here as it will help you with your own process, or when you hire an Interior Design consultant and need to give your brief on your thoughts for your project, this is where it will all start. There are so many helpful resources and platforms out there to seek information and do research for your style direction. You may even feel after going through this process that having an Interior Design Consultation would be helpful to brainstorm and simply have feedback and advice on what you are planning. For some people this may be enough to give you the confidence to keep going yourself and maybe check in with another Consultation down the road when or if you need it, for instance Colour Consultation, space planning, flooring or window furnishing selection.  You can engage Interior Design services for as much of the project work you may need.

When Do I Involve Trades or a Builder?

You will always begin with the Design Concept process, planning and even selections made prior to involving a builder, not the builder first. They are going to want to know what you want, the work scope and what to quote on. The Design and planning process is where you will work out the details and possible problems before the building phase, as once it’s built it is a lot more difficult and costly to change. Things like, making sure you select a bath or sink that will fit in the space, or that wall will be this colour, tiles are to be laid this way and being able to give the builder the information. Taking the time first to design and know your plan will save you in the long run.

Another thing to consider is builders/trades can be very busy and are often booked months ahead. Consider this and start planning and designing early, start chatting to possible trades/ Builders for your project, ask questions and get a feel for how they operate and if it will be a good fit, get your quotes and have the project scheduled in.


Considering all the points, we have discussed, starting in the right place and Design planning will set you up for the best journey and outcome. If you need assistance with Interior Design Renovation Services Brisbane for your project, SAGE Interior Design & Décor would love to hear from you!

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