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Caring for Hemp


Hemp is a natural and luxurious fabric. Woven from fibres of the industrial hemp plant, pure hemp linen is airy, soft yet surprisingly dense. 

Hemp has a hollow core fibre which enables hemp linen to be used on the bed all year round. Keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, it is a very comfortable fabric for sleeping in whether you tend to be a “hot” or “cold” sleeper. 

Other attribute to hemp is that it becomes softer the more it is washed. As it becomes softer, pure hemp linen fabric holds less creases which creates an amazing silky and beautiful drape. 

Our pure hemp linen has been giving Australians an amazing sleep for almost 20 years and most people find hemp linen to be the most comfortable fabric they have ever slept in. 


The Hemp Look

Aside from the comfort of sleeping in hemp, you will love the look of it in your bedroom. Hemp bedding has a distinctive texture and drape, which is both stylish on its own and highly adaptable to many bedroom styles.


We advise a cool to lukewarm wash (up to 40C) machine wash with a natural detergent, or a detergent that doesn’t use whiteners, bleach or brighteners. We advise not to dry clean, however many places now offer a silica dry clean wash which is acceptable for your hemp linens. 

As exciting as it is to use them straight away, we do advise washing your hemp linens before using for the first time.


We suggest line drying your hemp bed linen, however machine drying is also acceptable. If line drying, please minimise direct sun exposure for long periods where possible to safe guard your hemp linen from uneven fading. If tumble drying use a warm setting. Pull out promptly when finished and stretch out over the bed. 

You’ll find that Hemp Gallery Australia’s hemp bed linen doesn’t require ironing, however hemp does have a memory and if you choose, a warm iron setting or steamer can be used. 


Both our 100% pure hemp linen quilt covers and hemp and cotton blend quilt covers feature a beautifully finished mother of pearl button closure, to keep your quilt insert in place and your bed looking as elegant or relaxed as you wish. 


Our deep hemp bed linen fitted sheets feature a strong elastic around the edges to ensure your fitted doesn’t *ping* off in the middle of the night. The elastic has a long life.


Hemp linen is measured in GSM which refers to grams per square metre (of hemp fibres). hga linen linen is produced at 220GSM, which is the optimum weight to achieve both a long lifespan and the immediate softness of your hemp linen bedding (in times gone by, linen bedding was made from much heavier weight fabric, so it took years to achieve softness and the lightness we expect in bedding today).

When cared for correctly, hemp linen bedding will last many years, however it is important to note that we have designed our range to ensure that our hemp linen is soft from your very first sleep, which puts it later in its life cycle than a much heavier hemp linen GSM. Without this process, hemp linen can feel ‘rough’ or ‘coarse’ to sleep in. Keep in mind that even though hemp linen as a fabric is quite durable, it is not exempt from wear and tear from constant use and incorrect care.

Due to the strain they come under, fitted sheets can show signs of wear earlier than on other products such as duvet covers and flat sheets. We suggest purchasing more than one fitted sheet to alternate between uses.

To ensure your linen bedding lasts a number of years, we recommend you follow our care instructions and follow the European mentality of ‘one set on the bed, one set on the line’ to reduce wear.

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