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Home Improvement 101: Choosing New Build Colours & Selections

Your home should be your safe space. After a long day at work or after coming home from a long holiday, you might find yourself swimming through emotions, including excitement, happiness, and relief. Indeed, as you design your home, you must always consider how your home makes you feel.

The colour palette you choose for your walls will influence how you feel once you’ve settled in. This is why it is important to describe and define how you want the energy of your home to be.  However, because of the complexities of house paint, flooring & cabinetry etc many people pause or second-guess their choice.

Read on for advice on choosing the right colours for your new house.

Understand the World of Colour

No, you don’t have to go to interior design school, but understanding how colors interact will boost your confidence.

The “60-30-10 Rule” is a graphic design and interior design principle that states that a basic three-colour palette should be used. You paint 60% of the room in the dominating hue, 30% in accent colours, and 10% in neutral colours. The Cava Design School uses a man’s suit to demonstrate this: the jacket and pants account for 60% of the outfit’s colour, the shirt for 30%, and the tie for 10%, resulting in a balanced, professional image. Colour harmony can be achieved by using tints and colours (or lighter and darker versions of a chosen hue). You can broaden your colour palette without overpowering your design.

These foundations, as well as the colour wheel, can assist you in deciding on a colour design for your home. The final 10% of colour is typically provided by furniture and soft furnishings, which are more adjustable as your family or tastes change. 

Do Your Homework and Explore

Experiment with colour and material samples to make the most of your colour choices and to see how they work together while designing a new home. Colour will affect your mood and how you feel.

If you’re on an extensive research period, look around for interesting places and colours. Go around, explore, and take pictures to remember these fine details. Preserving what catches your eye will help you construct a mental database and figure out what you like.

In addition to that, you can also purchase or borrow interior design publications. Examine the most recent trends to evaluate what goes with your furnishings and design.

Get Inspired

If you haven’t already, sign up on Pinterest and create colour inspiration boards. Make a board for each family member’s bedroom if you love colour and want to give each one a distinct vibe. In addition, one for each major area, such as the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and dining room. You might be astonished at how quickly each board fills up with great ideas. Pinterest has boards for dining, living, and kitchen areas, as well as one for colour palettes.


More than seeking a professional’s advice, we think it’s more important to choose anything that reflects your personality and your taste. After all, these involve intimate spaces in your home.

With all of that said, choose colours from your own life that have meaning for you, elicit powerful emotions from your history, and evoke joyful recollections. Using online platforms and physical pinboards, you may examine what might work in your home. Make something, and then see what happens.Are you looking for an interior design consultant on Sunshine Coast? Sage Interior Design & Decor offers professional services to give your home a stylish and functional look. Call us today and get inspired by our team!

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