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Choosing the Right Type of Window Furnishing for Your Home

It’s quite easy to overlook window furnishings, especially when your focus is on other design elements. Well, even if those window furnishings are typically designed to blend with the rest of the decor or even go unnoticed, they’re an integral part of your home’s aesthetics and functionality.

Yes, your choice of furnishings for your windows can either make or break the look of any room. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a subtle look or you want them to add a surprising splash of colour to your space.

In this post, your trusted interior design consultant on the Sunshine Coast is sharing some of your options for window furnishings that you can choose from, as well as what you need to consider when selecting one for your home:


Blinds are one of the most popular window furnishings, and for a good reason. They provide fantastic versatility and easy control of light and privacy. Blinds can also add a touch of vibrant colour to any room.

However, not all blinds are created equal. Before purchasing a specific type of blinds, you must consider functionality and whether they provide light control, privacy control, or fabric choice and colour options.


Are you looking for something more formal and classic? If so, curtains are the perfect option for you. It’s easy to find timeless curtain designs that you can use for any room. When selecting curtains, you need to consider the room’s decor and ambience you want to create. 

You can also find curtains with features like pockets and loops, which allow you to add additional elements like ties and hooks.

Plantation Shutters

Stylish and classic, shutters are one of the most versatile window furnishings. It’s the perfect decorating choice whether you want to achieve a modern or a classic Queensland look.

If you want more privacy than blinds and curtains can provide, shutters are a perfect choice. They are also great at blocking out light and high temperatures as they have thermal insulating properties saving on heating and cooling costs. Shutters are extremely versatile and last a long time without having to replace. SAGE Interior Design & Décor provide quality Australian made Plantation shutters without the long lead times.

View Screen

Prefer more light while still providing privacy? A view screen fabric with a roller blind can be a great option for you. View screens are often made with lightweight materials, so you can easily see through to your view and light still comes in, however it will still block any glare, and provide privacy during the day.There is an option to add a block out blind for privacy at night, which is a dual purpose blind.

Depending on the colour you choose for your screen, it can either blend with or provide contrast for your room’s decor. You can also find outdoor view screen blinds that allow you to create an outdoor enclosed room and a seamless view to your indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as blocking sun, glare and UV rays.

What to Consider When Choosing Window Furnishings


You have to take into account whether you want your window furnishings to completely block out any view into your room or if you want to be able to see outside or both options.

Other Pieces in the Room

How your window furnishings match with the rest of your room’s decor will depend on the overall style of your room. You can find window furnishings that blend with your existing decor, or you can pick a piece that will be a nice contrast.

Your Need for Natural Lighting

Those who want to make the most out of natural lighting in their home may want to consider choosing window furnishings that will let light in. However, if you want to block out sunlight, you can choose window furnishings that will do just that.


Price is one of the most important details to consider, especially if you’re on a budget. You can find both affordable and premium window furnishings. However, keep in mind that with the more affordable options, you may sacrifice quality and aesthetics.


Window furnishings are one of the first things that people see when entering any room. Whether you’re looking for something classic, stylish, or modern, you can easily find any type of window furnishings to enhance your room’s decor. Just make sure to consider the factors discussed above so you’ll get window furnishings that meet your needs. If you want to be sure that your home’s interior looks amazing, you should schedule a design consultation with a trusted designer in your area.

Sage Interior Design & Decor is one of the top interior design consultants on the Sunshine Coast that can help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted for your home. Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you choose the right window furnishings for your house, office or apartment.

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