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How Working with Interior Designers Can Help You Save Money

The creation of a new home design can be an enjoyable experience. In the beginning, you will have a lot of things to decide for yourself, such as, color scheme, style and the furniture to have in the new home. The type of furniture in the house depends on lifestyle, budget and your style goals.

What most homeowners do to compensate is to DIY their interior design. But did you know that hiring a professional interior designer instead would give you better use of your money? Here is why getting an interior design consultant on Sunshine Coast would help you save more money in the process, as well as assist in connecting you with making the right style choices for your home.

They Know How to Work Around Your Budget

You might have a lot of ideas about what you want for your home. However, you may not purchase everything you want, especially if you have little money to use for your home design.

Experienced interior designers can work within a budget range. If you are working with an experienced interior designer, they will guide you on where to spend and where not to. They will also advise you on what items you need to buy and skip, this is due to planning your design concept in detail prior to purchasing.

Professionals Have Trade Discounts

When you hire an interior designer (ID), you will get a discount on most items you need for the house. It is because the interior designer will be able to negotiate for you. Most professional designers have trade discounts. With these discounts, they can purchase the furniture/decor pieces at a lower cost than what they would sell them at. The trade discount they get helps to access quality items for your home & design that may not otherwise be available to you.

If you go directly to the stores, your chances of getting a good discount are less.

Planning Work

Interior designers know how to do their job well. They will always go through your plan, style goals and gain a brief from you about what you desire for your home, prior to making a Design concept and plan.  

No Expensive Mistake

There is a certain amount of risk that comes with DIY. For example, you can get paint colors that you want, but they do not look good on the walls of your home. Such instances can happen, and a professional interior design consultant can help you avoid them. They will back you up and find ways to make your home style look perfect and come together without making those mistakes.

They are not just about helping you with the design. Professional interior designers will also assist you in layout the furniture and the finishing touches. It is a great deal of help because you will be saving time and money.


If you have money and time, DIY can be a great plan. However, if you lack either or both, you would be better off getting the help of a professional interior designer. When you get the help of an interior designer, you should be able to save more money and get the home you want.

If you are interested in hiring an interior design consultant on the Sunshine Coast, contact us at Sage Interior Design and Décor. We offer interior design, space planning and styling concepts to help you create a livable and beautiful home.

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