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2021 Interior Paint Trends That Will Continue in 2022

At the halfway point of this year, it’s interesting to see what previous year trends have stuck around. Some trends will be fizzling out, while others will continue to thrive. We’re here to discuss some of the paint trends from 2021 that are here to stay.

Warm Red Tones

One of the most popular paint trends was a warm red tone. It was popular in various settings, but especially in larger commercial spaces. The red tones create a sense of warmth and energy, which businesses are looking for in their commercial spaces. Interior designers are currently designing their commercial spaces around this trend, so it’s safe to say it will continue to thrive this year.

Olive Green

If you’re looking to create a bright and modern space, olive green is the perfect colour choice. It is a refreshing colour that is upbeat but also calming. It is a colour that is extremely popular right now, especially in the design world. Olive green is linked to sustainability, or greens in general, which is something that is a strong theme with most people and in Design. This colour is fun and exciting and therefore is something that you’ll want to keep on your radar in the next year. 

Calming and Grounded Colours

It’s no secret that most people want their homes to be cool and relaxing places to be. After a long day of work or with your hectic family schedule, you don’t want to go home to a chaotic and stressful space. Instead, you want a space that is calming and relaxing. And as a result, interior designers are designing their spaces with calming and grounded colours in mind.

The more calming and grounded colours you incorporate into your home, the more calming and grounded your home will feel. And that is exactly what you’re looking for in your space. Calming and grounded colours such as seafoam green, sage green, blue-grey, muted tones and blush are all becoming more of a trend over the last year. And this trend will continue to blossom this year as well. 

Beige Tones

Beige tones have been somewhat of a “meh” colour for a while now. It’s not a colour that has been popular, but it’s also not a colour that has been entirely unpopular. And in the design world, that can be a hard space to be in. You don’t want to be so generally disliked that your colour doesn’t get used, but you also don’t want to be so popular that your colour is overused.

And luckily, mixed with a variety of other colours, beige tones can be incredibly versatile. Beige tones can create a natural and calming feeling, which many designers are going for these days. And with the variety of beige tones that are available, you’ll undoubtedly be able to find a tone that will work well with your space. Think, natural organic earthy textures & soft beige colours with fresh whites.

Final Thoughts

It will be interesting to see how these paint trends play out this year. And luckily, you’ll be able to do just that. By keeping up to date with the latest trends, you can ensure that your home’s interior design is on the top of its game.

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