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5 Ways Positive Space Can Help Your Home’s Interior Design

Creating your home’s interior design can be quite exciting, as it means that you’re executing your own personal vision. If you’re curious about what elements should be included, seek the help of a professional interior designer who can guide you.

Positive space might come up as a suggestion. If you don’t know what it is, positive space refers to a design that involves the use of windows, entrances and focal points. It’s essentially a stylish way of structuring and arranging furniture in your home.

If you wonder how such minimalism and simplicity can improve different rooms in your home, here’s how positive space can influence and help your interior design:

1) Improve the Kitchen Ambiance

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in our house, and it’s often the heart of the family. But, when it comes to creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, we often get lost regarding the arrangement and look of the space.

Simply improve the kitchen ambience by creating positive space and cutting back on clutter. Make optimal use of your kitchen’s entrance and windows, as well as other elements like the island and table.

2) Make the Dining Room Bold

Dining rooms are often the heart of your home, which should welcome loved ones and acquaintances for a party. Have the area easily improved by the use of positive space. A large and open plan dining room can make all of your guests comfortable during meals.

Set the table right in the centre of the room, too, just for a bit more zen with your interior design. Homeowners can also add other interior design elements such as a built-in desk for the study or even a bar for the drinks.

3) Create an Elegant Bathroom

Your bathroom should be a special sanctuary for you to collect yourself. It’s where you soak in hot water and relax, after all. You can make your home’s bathroom feel cozy and intimate by creating space for your bathtub through the use of positive space.

Add a skylight to the bathroom to allow some natural light to come in, even if it’s at night. If you want an additional shower, request your interior designer to make sure it’s a corner model to maximise space.

4) Liven Up the Living Room

Your living area is the most popular room in your home. It’s where you entertain guests, enjoy a movie night and more. Revamp the living room through positive spacing, such as placing the television at a reasonable distance from the sofa with a coffee table in between. Also, put the fireplace and table at the right angle and position.

5) Stylize the Bedroom

Your bedroom is where you can enjoy some alone time. It’s where you set your mind to rest, which is why you should always have a peaceful vibe in the space. You can make your bedroom even more relaxing by adding a few positive spaces in the area. Try turning whatever extra room you want into a reading corner or study, or simply style the space to be cosier.


Positive space is a great strategy to create an effective interior design in your home. It’s also a great way to make the most out of your home’s elements and create a wonderful living space, so touch base with an interior designer now.

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